Start Every Day With “Thank You”

thank-youToday I’m going to tell you something you already know. Just put this in the “helpful reminder” category.

It’s a strange characteristic of the human mind, but our default setting is to focus on what’s wrong in our lives, rather than what’s right.

Bad Is Good

I guess that’s not really strange, because it’s the “wrong” things that usually need the most attention if we want to change or eliminate them.

Often, the “bad” things are what shock us into appreciating the “good” things.

There’s nothing like a heart attack or cancer scare to make us appreciate every day of living, or a toothache to make us appreciate being pain free.

Several years ago when I had a minor health scare, I developed the habit of taking just a minute or two when I wake up in the morning, before I get out of bed and get too busy, to say a mental “thank you” for the opportunity to live another day and face whatever challenges it may present.

Not to get all morbid, but recognizing that the opportunity to live another day was denied to a lot of people on the previous day helps me keep all my “problems” in a proper perspective.

Sure, there will be problems, probably a few obnoxious people, and maybe a little pain, but my morning ritual helps me be appreciative of every day that I have the opportunity to live in relative health and comfort, despite whatever challenges may arise.

It’s easy as entrepreneurs to get so absorbed in solving all the problems that present themselves daily that we lose sight of how lucky we are to have the opportunity to live another day, whatever challenges each day presents.

Maybe trying my 2 minute appreciation practice before you get out of bed in the morning will help you keep your challenges in perspective too and enable you to enjoy your life (struggles and all) a little more.

To put it in business terms, I think you’ll find this morning ritual has an excellent ROI.

The Stoic Seneca said something to the effect that “time is the one loan even the most conscientious borrower can never repay.”

So, since we can’t repay the loan of today, at least we can appreciate it and invest the loan wisely.