Sheila Wins Stupid Marketer Award

OK, I got this spam email today and it has earned Sheila (if that’s her real name) the eBiz411 Stupid Marketer Award.

Here’s what the email said:

Stupid Marketer Award

Stupid Marketer Award

Ok let’s stop fooling our selves your 9-5 job will not
give you a 5 digit income even if you work your body dead.

Have you heard of people making money online? i am one of them.
Whether you like it or not internet is the big thing now and it
will keep growing so deal with it.

Join now click the link below:

Its either you join the ride or get left behind.

  • Do you think maybe it is “Sheila” who needs to stop fooling herself?
  • Does she really think that spamming people with the foregoing email is going to make her money?
  • Does anyone really believe she is one of the people making money online?
  • Is there anyone anywhere dumb enough to respond to an email like this?
  • Sheila wants me to “join now” but nowhere does she indicate what I am joining or how it will help me, other than the vague implication that I can make money like Sheila supposedly does.
  • Does Sheila’s authoritarian “like it or not,” “deal with it,” “join the ride or get left behind” approach help you know, like and trust her?
  • Sheila didn’t include a physical mailing address or an unsubscribe link in her email.  Does she know that each such email she sent subjects her to a potential fine of $16,000?
  • Oh, and Sheila is mistaken in her belief that a “9-5 job will not give you a 5 digit income.” I do believe a lot of people working 9-5 jobs (even at minimum wage) make at least $10,000 without the need to “work your body dead.”

Forrest Gump was right – “stupid is as stupid does.”  Good luck with your stupid business plan Sheila. Thanks for spamming me.  I hope this award in some small way repays your efforts.