Not Ready for Prime Time Warrior Forum Questions

As an online business owner, it’s sometimes enlightening to visit forums frequented by people who would benefit from your products or services to see what kinds of questions they have and how you might help them.

Since eBiz411 serves digital entrepreneurs, I occasionally take a virtual walk around the Warrior Forum. It is probably the largest forum for internet marketers.

And before I go further, let me clarify that I am not picking on the Warrior Forum, or even the people who are posting questions there, but there is something to be learned here by people who want to start a real online business.

OK, so now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the point . . .

Forum Advice

Forum Advice

There Are No Stupid Questions . . . Really?

One thing that quickly becomes apparent to me when reading the threads in the Warrior Forum is how hopelessly unprepared many aspiring online marketers are to start a successful online business.

In order to show you what I mean, I jotted down some of the questions being asked in the various threads on the forum. Here are some samples:

  • Does anyone know the best way to advertise?
  • On average, how much traffic will my website need in order to get leads?
  • What is the best way to get top ranking for a newly created website?
  • What kind of online business should I be doing?
  • What works better: email marketing or social media?
  • What are your thoughts on paid traffic?
  • What is the reason that affiliate marketing by email is useful?
  • Do ebooks have to be 200-300 pages long to sell?
  • How long till I can make a living off my list?
  • How do I write an article for my niche and get it out there?

I realize that most of the people asking these questions are probably young and inexperienced and are just hoping to figure it all out and start making some money, and it’s probably a little harsh for me to label them as “stupid” questions. They are doing the best they can from the place they are on the business learning curve.

But, the fact that they ask questions like the ones above means that they have not yet prepared themselves to be successful online, and asking questions like this of fellow Warrior newbies isn’t going to help them. They’re wasting valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Even the most successful and astute online marketer would be unable to intelligently answer any of the broad, non-specific questions posed above, and you won’t often find successful and astute marketers hanging around forums answering inane questions.

Online Business Is Not the Minor Leagues

Contrary to what the “make a million while you sleep” gurus tell folks like these, making money online is a business – and it’s not easy. You are competing against thousands of very experienced copywriters and marketers.

To think that you’re going to waltz in, ask a few questions on the Warrior Forum, buy a $47 done-for-you cookie cutter business, quit your day job and head for the beach is foolishness.

IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! (Sorry to shout, but I want them to hear me over on the Warrior Forum.)

Nope, if you want to start a successful online business, then you’d better be prepared to pay your dues, put in lots of hard work, learn the ropes from people who have already succeeded online, and be very careful whose advice you listen to. [Hint: anonymous newbies pontificating on forums are not the best choice.]

Asking questions like those above on the forums is a common error made by aspiring digital entrepreneurs, but it is going to reduce and delay their prospects for actually creating a successful online business.

Sure, they’ll get a lot of answers to their questions, and the “experts” on the forums will tell them with absolute certainty what they should do to make money, but there’s a problem . . .

We all have opinions and we love to puff up and render sage advice. The problem with answers and opinions posted on forums is that almost all of the people answering questions like this are newbies themselves who have never really made any money either.

So I repeat, be very careful whose advice you listen to. If the blind lead the blind, surely they shall both fall in the ditch!

May I suggest that if you are a person needing advice and training to help you start a business online, don’t rely on anonymous tips from forum newbies or $47 ebooks. It’s a waste of your time and money.

Ryan Lee at Freedym has started multiple 7-figure businesses. He knows his stuff. And, he is sincere about helping people get started.

He’s the kind of guy you want to turn to if you need help figuring out how to succeed online. I am both an affiliate of Freedym and a paying member.  I remain a Freedym member month after month because of the ever-growing resources and training Ryan provides – and because my sense is that Ryan is one of the rare “good guys” online who puts serving his customers and helping them succeed ahead of his own financial interests.