Your Long Lost Best Friend

Like you, I’m sure, I’m on the email lists of a bunch of online marketers. I got on some of the lists because I purchased their products, and others I signed up for to either learn from or use as research for what not to do.

I have observed two types of email marketers, and I’ll bet if you pay attention to the emails you receive you can easily verify this yourself.

Type I Marketers

The Type I marketers show up. You hear from them regularly and their emails usually provide valuable information you can use in your business or life.

Sure, Type I marketers promote things in their emails. They’re in business. That’s what they do.

But, Type I marketers are astute enough to realize that it’s important for their prospects to know, like and trust them before they’re likely to buy from them.

And, Type I marketers also realize that their ratings on the “know, like and trust” scale go way up when they demonstrate a sincere desire to help their prospects by providing useful information.

Type II Marketers



I am also on the lists of a bunch of Type IIs. These are the jokers  you only hear from when the next big launch is about to come out and they want something (your money) from you.

There may be weeks, months, or even years of silence, but when a launch is coming up the Type IIs suddenly want to be your best friend.

You start getting daily emails from them.  They send you digital gifts, offer you free webinars, and not so subtly tell you how since you are a “loyal subscriber” they are giving you the heads up about this new product launching that’s going to change your life.

What true friends these Type IIs are.  Always looking out for us!

Anyway, which approach do you think is most likely to succeed long term – the Type Is or the Type IIs?