Live From the Florida Keys

7 Mile BridgeI’m taking a break (sort of) from the business side of things this weekend. I’m in Marathon, Florida and completed the 7 Mile Bridge Run this morning.

Once a year they close U. S. Highway 1 (which is the only highway traversing the Florida Keys) for 2 hours and allow 1,500 runners to attempt to run from one end to the other – 6.8 miles.

They are very strict about the allotted time because the authorities insist that the highway reopen promptly at 9:00 a.m.

So, for the slower runners the goal is to “Beat the Bus” which comes along behind the runners and picks up the slower ones who have no chance of finishing in the time allowed.

When it’s all over, there are a lot of tired runners and angry motorists who’ve been sitting in traffic for 2 hours in the hot Florida sun without moving an inch.

Well, mark the 7 Mile Bridge Run off my bucket list!  What’s next.  Oh, I’m going snorkeling at a coral reef here in a couple of hours.  I  have to maximize my time in the beautiful Florida Keys.