Everybody’s an Expert Online


The Online Expert

Have you noticed that?

People with absolutely no experience or training suddenly decide they are going to be a life coach, a physical trainer, a nutrition blogger, or an expert in some aspect of online business – even when they haven’t made a dime online.

What’s more surprising to me is that other people actually purchase products or rely on advice given by these pseudo-experts. Why?

It’s Weird . . .

It’s a weird and mysterious aspect of the internet.  In the “real” world we vet the experts we rely on. If we were planning to start a business, we wouldn’t call up some teenager in the Ukraine and ask how to go about it, but online many people do exactly that.

It’s truly a case of the blind leading the blind, and biblical wisdom is that they will both end up in the ditch.

I have yet to figure out why we seem to become more gullible online than off.  It would make an interesting research project for a Ph.D. candidate.

No Stupid Questions . . . Really?

Many of you are familiar with the Warrior Forum.  It’s probably the largest online forum for internet marketers.

I have nothing against the Warrior Forum.  I have been a member for years, but one has to be careful when accepting advice from other members of the forum.

Yesterday I took a quick look at some of the discussions on the forum.  People were asking questions like these:

  • Does anyone know the best way to advertise?
  • On average, how much traffic will my website need in order to get leads?
  • What is the best way to get top ranking for a newly created website?
  • What kind of online business should I be doing?
  • What works better: email marketing or social media?
  • What are your thoughts on paid traffic?
  • What is the reason that affiliate marketing by email is useful?
  • Do ebooks have to be 200-300 pages long to sell?
  • How long till I can make a living off my list?
  • How do I write an article for my niche and get it out there?

Really . . . You’re Asking Me That?

Now, it should be obvious that if you need to ask a question like the ones above, you are not yet ready to seriously consider starting a business, online or offline.

Even the most experienced and astute business expert could not give an intelligent answer to such broad questions with no context provided.

But fools rush in where angels fear to tread! In the virtual world everybody’s an expert and the pseudo-experts are more than happy to render opinions and give advice on inane questions like these.

So, the people who posted the questions above are going to get a lot of “expert” opinions from fellow forum members telling them what they should do.

In most cases, the “experts” rending those opinions are equally clueless about business and many have never made any money online either.

It’s in our nature as humans to seek validation from other humans.  One way that is manifested online and particularly in discussion forums is to puff up and pretend we are successful, knowledgeable and experienced by rendering opinions to others.

The unfortunate thing in the context we are discussing is that some of the Warrior Forum questioners are going to rely on the “expert” advice they receive and go about trying to start or run their online businesses.

It’s Not That Easy

Look, contrary to what the “make a million while you sleep” gurus tell folks like these, making money online is a business – and it’s not easy to get started and succeed.

You are competing against thousands of very experienced copywriters and marketers – real experts.

To think that you’re going to waltz in, ask a few questions on the Warrior Forum, buy a $47 done-for-you cookie cutter business, quit your day job and head for the beach is foolishness.

My Advice

If you ever find yourself considering buying one of those “shiny object” business in a box, push button, one weird trick, make a $1,000 a day products offered by an online “expert,” to help you make money online, ask these questions:

  • who is offering this product?
  • do they have the background, training and experience to warrant relying on their advice in my own business?
  • have they made money using the product or system they are recommending (other than by selling it to gullible people)?

In short, be careful out there. There are a lot of charlatans hoping to grab your money and give you junk in return.

The reality that’s hard to accept for a lot of aspiring internet marketers is that if you want to start a successful online business, you’d better be prepared to pay your dues, put in lots of hard work, learn the ropes from people who have already succeeded online, and be very careful whose advice you listen to.  And finally, don’t expect success to come overnight.

Oh, and before you wade blindly into the swamp and start promoting products using fake testimonials or income claims, it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the laws pertaining to doing business online.

If you need some real expert help getting your online business started, I suggest you consider joining Ryan Lee’s Freedym.  I am a paying member myself and now also an affiliate.  Ryan is a real expert in the online business world, and equally important, he is sincere about helping others.