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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Foolish Marketing

I am constantly amazed by the stupid tactics some fairly large companies use to promote their products. The latest “Stupid Marketer” award goes to NutriMost LLC for its tactics in marketing its product, NutriMost Ultimate Fat Loss System. It was charged with wrongdoing by the FTC and entered a settlement with the FTC requiring the…

Sheila Wins Stupid Marketer Award

Stupid Marketer Award

OK, I got this spam email today and it has earned Sheila (if that’s her real name) the eBiz411 Stupid Marketer Award. Here’s what the email said: Ok let’s stop fooling our selves your 9-5 job will not give you a 5 digit income even if you work your body dead. Have you heard of…

Win the Lottery (Yeah, Right)

stop and think

In case you missed it, a few days ago I talked about the two types of people violating the CAN-SPAM Act pertaining to commercial emails: 1) the innocents, and 2) the criminals. You can review that post here. I pointed out that the potential fine for each violation was $16,000 and what some of the…

The FTC’s Substantiation Requirement

Can You Substantiate That Claim

Today I want to talk about something called “substantiation.” Substantiation in the context I am referring to is the FTC’s requirement that you, as a marketer or advertiser, must have a “reasonable basis” for any claims you make in your promotional material.