Sneaky Pete Marketing

Sneaky Pete

I want to talk to you about something I call the “Sneaky Pete Business Model.” There are many variations of this model, some worse than others. I’ll use an example from an email I recently received to make my point, but first some background . . . Who Is Sneaky Pete Sneaky Pete is the…

Everybody’s an Expert Online

Have you noticed that? People with absolutely no experience or training suddenly decide they are going to be a life coach, a physical trainer, a nutrition blogger, or an expert in some aspect of online business – even when they haven’t made a dime online. What’s more surprising to me is that other people actually…

Sheila Wins Stupid Marketer Award

Stupid Marketer Award

OK, I got this spam email today and it has earned Sheila (if that’s her real name) the eBiz411 Stupid Marketer Award. Here’s what the email said: Ok let’s stop fooling our selves your 9-5 job will not give you a 5 digit income even if you work your body dead. Have you heard of…

Win the Lottery (Yeah, Right)

stop and think

In case you missed it, a few days ago I talked about the two types of people violating the CAN-SPAM Act pertaining to commercial emails: 1) the innocents, and 2) the criminals. You can review that post here. I pointed out that the potential fine for each violation was $16,000 and what some of the…

The FTC’s Substantiation Requirement

Can You Substantiate That Claim

Today I want to talk about something called “substantiation.” Substantiation in the context I am referring to is the FTC’s requirement that you, as a marketer or advertiser, must have a “reasonable basis” for any claims you make in your promotional material.

Do You Get Spam?

I Hate Spammers

Do you get unwanted commercial email – a/k/a Spam? Boy, talk about a dumb question!  We all do.  I probably get at least 10 or so per day in each of my email accounts, and that’s a conservative guess. Basically, there are two types of spammers: The criminals, who know they are violating the law…