Another Stupid Business Plan

Foolish MarketerToday I have another installment of “stupid business plans” for you.

I like to highlight these “stupid business plans” not because I think any of my readers are stupid enough to use these tactics, but because, as stupid as they are, there are things to be learned from the foolish and futile attempts of others to make money online.

So here’s an email (spam) that hit my inbox recently:

Subject: 6 Hrs. To Go


Is it hard? No. Takes only 3-4hrs a day
Will I be supported?
Yes, there is a one to one coach.
Any promises?
No. We have a simple software guaranteed.

>>>VIEW HERE<<< How much can I make? Many are now making 2000 in one day. To get inside, >>>PLEASE JOIN HERE<<<

The day that you take action your life changes.


What Were They Thinking

What do you suppose goes on in the minds of people using these methods?  It must go something like this . . .

OK, so let’s see. I need to make some money online. What can I do? Oh, I have it:

  • I’ll send an email to a bunch of complete strangers
  • I’ll tell them there are only 6 hours left to join something
  • but I’ll give them no hint whatsoever as to what that “something” is, other than a vague suggestion that it’s going to make them rich
  • I’ll assure them that we make no promises
  • and immediately contradict that by saying we have software “guaranteed” (whatever that means)
  • and then, to top it off, I’ll include a blatant violation of the FTC’s misleading advertising and substantiation rules by claiming many are making $2,000 per day ($730,000 annually)
  • That should do it!

Really?  That’s your business plan?

What do you think the chances of success for this wanna-be marketer are, assuming the FTC doesn’t shut him/her down?

Obviously, it’s somewhere around zero, so what were they thinking? I guess I shouldn’t assume the “thinking” part.

What We Can Learn

Clearly, the above “business model” is foolish and doomed to fail.

You have a desperate, inexperienced marketer just throwing something, anything, into the marketplace and hoping some fools, I mean customers, will miraculously take him/her up on the vague and shady sounding offer.

Good luck with that!

While it’s true that there are a lot of gullible people online and some of them buy into get-rich-quick scams that are never going to work, even the scammers promoting these unethical plans have to be skillful marketers and they need a good sales pitch to succeed.

They must present an appealing offer with clearly defined benefits for the potential customer and lots of social proof (usually made up in the case of scammers) for their offers to be well received and acted upon.

You’ll notice that our example above contains none of that. Now that’s what I call 10X failing, when you even fail at being a low-life spammer/scammer!

For the rest of us, it comes back to what we discussed in another post. Do we really want to be Sneaky Petes?

That’s never going to result in a successful, long-term business that enables us to sleep well at night and not be in constant fear of the FTC.

Building an ethical online business is not only the right thing to do, it’s the right way to succeed.

If you need help figuring out the details of creating your online business, steer clear of the Sneaky Pete strategies and get help from people like Ryan Lee at Freedym.

Ryan and Freedym will help you build an ethical business online – one you’re not ashamed to tell your family about.

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