About eBiz411

Leave them alone. They are blind guides of the blind. If one blind person leads another blind person, both will fall into a ditch. — Matthew 15:14

This is not a blog about the Bible, but the quoted Biblical passage is particularly apropos to the internet marketing and online business community.

There are a lot of blind “gurus” leading a lot more blind seekers around the virtual get rich quick world.

eBiz411.Com helps aspiring digital entrepreneurs like you avoid the blind guides and shiny objects and start your online businesses the right way.

The reality is that most of the people selling products which supposedly tell you how to start an online business or to make money online have no training, qualifications or experience in business, online or otherwise, and here’s a news flash – a high percentage of them have never made any money themselves.

It is truly a case of blind guides of the blind, and it has been known since biblical times what the outcome of that will be!

What’s Your Approach?

Unfortunately, most people trying to start an online business don’t treat it as a real business or go about it in a professional and business-like manner.

For reasons I have never understood, many of those trying to start an online business seem to believe that the rules that apply to “real world” businesses don’t apply to businesses online.

Guess what – they do!

In a word, these folks are playing at online business by:

  • listening to gurus with questionable credentials,
  • wasting money on destined-to-fail schemes,
  • while being oblivious to the laws and regulations that affect them, and then
  • throwing a bunch of random things up against the internet wall and hoping (against hope) that something sticks.


Sure, once in a while some beginner knocks it out of the park, just like once in a while somebody wins the lottery, but is that haphazard approach really the foundation upon which you want to base the future of your business, not to mention your family’s financial welfare?

Ignorance of the Law

For those who are serious about succeeding online, the very first step is learning the rules of the game. It’s hard to win if you don’t know the rules, especially if violating some of those rules can get you thrown out of the game!

You can’t just go out into the virtual world and do or say whatever you like. Big Brother will shut you down, fine you, – or worse!

You must know the laws relating to copyright infringement, privacy, as well as all the FTC rules and regulations pertaining to the use of testimonials, spam, income claims, weight loss claims, etc.

That’s what eBiz411.Com is all about – providing authoritative information to digital entrepreneurs who are starting legitimate online businesses.

A good starting point is to read my handbook, “Starting a Business: How Not to Get Sued By the FTC.” You really should acquire that knowledge before launching your online business.

FTC Handbook

A Heads Up: This Website Isn’t For Everyone

eBiz411.Com is not for people who want to keep their “instant wealth” dreams alive.  If that’s your mind-set, you’re going to find this website discouraging.

eBiz411.Com is designed to help that small percentage of people who are actually prepared to work at creating a real online business.

There are already plenty of “blind guides” to lead the seekers of overnight, push-button, cookie-cutter, business-in-a-box riches – this website is for the other 10%.