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Bob Page, JD

Welcome. I’m attorney Bob Page. If you're doing business online, or plan to start, I'd like to help you avoid legal problems and stay out of trouble with the FTC.

I wrote the book Starting a Business: How Not to Get Sued by the FTC to help the honest digital entrepreneurs stay in compliance with the many laws and regulations affecting online business.

Law enforcement will have to deal with the scammers and spammers, but this website and my email tips will help the rest of you stay out of trouble with the FTC.

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Shuffleboard?  Not a Chance, This Is Way More Fun . . .

I make learning online legal compliance fun by taking potshots at the scumbag scammers and spammers and using them to teach you how to avoid common legal pitfalls I see many digital entrepreneurs making.

It’s a far more entertaining way for me to spend my retirement than watching television or playing shuffleboard, and if you pay attention it'll help you succeed online and stay out of trouble too.

So I invite you to come along for the ride. I’ll do my very best to entertain you at the scammers’ expense and to educate you so that you don’t inadvertently cross over to the dark side.

How Can I Help You . . .

It starts with my free PDF guide entitled "5 Legal Blunders You Must Avoid When Doing Business Online. " It's a quick read and will go a long way toward keeping you out of legal problems while operating your business online.

I prepared this guide personally. It's not some outsourced piece of PLR garbage.

It's short, actionable, and contains substantive information every digital entrepreneur should be implementing now.  It applies specifically to the rules applicable in the United States.

How To Get It . . .

As an online entrepreneur, you know the drill. Request my free guide, give me your email so I'll know where to send it, then check your inbox.

I'll email the guide to you shortly after receiving your request, and you'll also start receiving my regular emails with more tips to help you be successful online and avoid legal complications.

(Not that you would ever want to, but you can of course disregard my insightful email tips by unsubscribing whenever you wish.)